This is Paul’s USP gained from fourteen years experience, with Beer & Partners, Connect Midlands and as Paul Jenkinson Consulting. Paul can help you raise equity and debt funding from £100,000 to £5m.

Paul invests in companies himself and with colleagues and is an expert at raising angel and venture capital funding. He is well known in the Midlands and London markets.

Paul has developed a strategic approach to enable clients to pull together investment documents with relative ease, with some help of course. These typically include:

  • Executive summary
  • Investor slide presentation
  • Financial model
  • Investment document
  • Heads of terms
  • Legal documents

Paul can act as a coach, guiding the work of the client or as a consultant, doing most of the work often where time is tight. Face to face meetings are great, but a great deal can also be done via Skype. Paul is experienced at bootstrapping and has a strong sense of the critical path required to get a business moving and growing.

Paul can then assist with any SEIS/EIS Application, pitch practice, finding and introductions to relevant investors, whether business angel, venture capital, crowdfunding or other types of funding. Paul can also guide the client in terms of preparation for due diligence, development of a Heads of Terms of Agreement and by reviewing legal documents.

Where appropriate Paul can consider being an Investor Director, which can help attract further funding.