I met Roger Sloman, the entrepreneur who founded Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd (www.advanced-blast.com) in October 2013. The Company is based in Derbyshire. Roger was previously instrumental in the early commercialisation of carbon fibre and founded Advanced Composite Group, developing it from a one-man business to a £28m turnover business, before being sold for £48m.

The Company

ABBS Ltd is a technology company, based on Active Mine Protection Systems (AMPS™) and Linear Rocket Motor (LRM™) technology. AMPS™ has been developed over the past five years, with assistance from the UK MoD (Ministry of Defence) and the concept has been proved over a series of tests with light armoured vehicles. The basis is that the explosive force of mines or IEDs is countered by a downward thrust using a novel Linear Rocket Motor system and rapid response sensors that detect the initial explosion. All the key elements of the system are patent protected internationally. The video at https://youtu.be/5Rsyy_HdXyc illustrates the system working. A company called ARMS Ltd has been set up to develop and manufacture LRMs, a sales company has also been set up in the US.


As a consultant I helped Roger prepare the initial investment document in 2014, seeking £675,000 of equity funding, where £350,000 of this was to match a £250,000 Innovate UK Grant, which had been secured with the help of Dr David Field of Advanced Materials Solutions Ltd. David and I both subsequently invested personally and became directors of ABBS Ltd. To date approaching £1m of equity funding has been raised together with around £600k of grant funding in ABBS companies.


Secrets to the fundraising success

  • The potential upside of the business is very large.
  • Roger has successfully built and exited a business before, investors like that.
  • A strong international patent portfolio has been developed
  • The initial Board included experts in equity and grant fund raising, together with excellent patent, legal and financial support.
  • Roger has built up the Board of ABBS LTD in the UK to include former senior members of the UK military.
  • There is a good chance of an early sale to one of the international defence companies.
  • Investors like the SEIS & EIS tax breaks.


Moving forward

A challenge with the defence sector is that the funding required to get technology converted into final products for military use is very significant. With this in mind ABBS is in discussions with global &/or international partner(s) to assist with getting the technology to market, as well as more traditional funding sources.

With ABBS I have been involved as a consultant, investor and director and am always looking for other entrepreneurs to work with.


Paul Jenkinson is a Director, Investor and Business Consultant based in the Midlands. Paul can be contacted via pj@pauljenkinson.com